Soda Partners with TanakaDAO for Enhanced DAO Governance

Soda Extension by Sonet is pleased to announce its partnership with TanakaDAO to support the political campaign organization in building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) framework. TanakaDAO serves as an independent DAO to the campaign team in support of Greg Tanaka to elected office. Using Soda Extension, TanakaDAO will be able to launch an NFT collection for campaign contributors and supporters, using this NFT collection to execute on-chain governance for its members.

Projects commonly mint one or more NFT collections before launching their DAO on-chain, with community membership granted through the NFT. TanakaDAO plans to airdrop NFTs from its collection to reward campaign contributors, volunteers and donors to reward participation in the campaign.

When it comes time to launch the DAO, organizations like TanakaDAO need a solution to bridge NFT holding to on-chain membership in the DAO. Soda Extension by Sonet solves this problem, providing a low-friction solution for orgs with existing NFT collections to seamlessly launch their on-chain DAO. TanakaDAO will utilize Soda to bridge their early supporters/NFT holders directly to participants in their on-chain DAO.

With Soda, TanakaDAO will now have enhanced functionality for executing DAO governance, voting and membership management. Members of TanakaDAO can now execute voting directly on Twitter and Facebook, only requiring them to sync their Metamask wallet to Soda’s Twitter/Facebook voting capabilities in an easy way. That way Web3 orgs like H.E.R.DAO can bridge their Web2 users to enhance DAO participation.

TanakaDAO will also benefit from DAO advisory services provided by the Soda team on DAO governance, structuring and member structuring. Marketing growth strategies can be deployed using Soda’s discoverability features including sharing NFTs and proposals to non-followers in order to bridge these Web2 user bases.

Soda Extension by Sonet is committed to supporting DAOs and activating their communities. TanakaDAO is committed to building out the political framework to properly activate the relationship between politicians and their support base.



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Soda is a social application that's built as a Web2 extension to bridge the gap to Web3. Soda is the first application built on the Sonet middleware.