Introducing Soda’s SoCat NFT Series!

The Launch

Sonet is excited to introduce Soda’s SoCat NFT series! A total of 60 SoCat NFTs will be given out to mark the launch of our first referral program. The mission behind our SoCat series is to help users step into Web3 and curate their own exclusive virtual identities.

Participants will be eligible to receive a SoCat NFT such as SoCat Number 7: “Flash”, SoCat Number 30: “SeaCat,” or SoCat Number 38: “Shadow,” all pictured below. Each SoCat comes with a unique backstory, dropped one by one on the Soda Extension Twitter.

About Soda Extension

All SoCats are minted through the Soda extension, our Web2 Chrome extension built on our Web3 middleware. The Soda extension allows for easy minting of your own images as NFTs in just a few steps.

Sharing your NFTs after minting with Soda is seamless. Soda is integrated with Facebook and Twitter so that users can share their NFTs, such as a SoCat, on their existing social media. Users can sell their NFTs by listing directly on the Soda Marketplace. Simply put, there is no better way to mint and share NFTs with your friends, family and social media communities.

All SoCat owners will receive early benefits from Soda such as community rewards, token whitelists, and voting privileges. Additionally, SoCat NFT holders will have the early access benefit of being added to our whitelist upon the official SoNet token launch (Updates to come!). The SoCat NFT series is an early access ticket into our community.

In addition to an exclusive Web3 identity, ownership of a SoCat grants our users utility and governance powers in the Soda project. This is very exciting for us at Soda where we recognize the power of connecting our user’s favorite Web2 sites to their Web3 identities.

Joining the SoCat NFT Lottery

The Soda team will host weekly lotteries in our Discord server where winners will be selected and airdropped their Soda-minted SoCat NFT. For ongoing updates, join our Discord here.

We recommend users test out our extension by trying out Soda’s minting function ahead of time. Using the Soda Web2 extension, minting an NFT is as easy as connecting to your MetaMask wallet and uploading a desired image. The user can then store it easily in Soda’s NFT portfolio, list it on Soda’s Marketplace and share it on their Web2 social media sites.

We at Soda are excited for you to join us in the journey of building up Web3 identities. Be sure to join our Discord to get in on our next SoCat NFT lottery!




Soda is a social application that's built as a Web2 extension to bridge the gap to Web3. Soda is the first application built on the Sonet middleware.

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Soda is a social application that's built as a Web2 extension to bridge the gap to Web3. Soda is the first application built on the Sonet middleware.

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